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France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada - one language, four different translations?
More than 50 regular business partners.
regular business partners
of our orders concern transcreation and/or localisation
Invenire's business is not strictly translation. Learning
and understanding the client's business goals is an important element for us to ensure global communication for brands such as House of Glam or Executive Friends. In addition to translating documents, we assist these brands in localising their Internet content and with business meetings that require interpretation. Precisely this kind of business cooperation is at stake when INVENIRE's services go beyond pure translation and reach the realms of content management
and transcreation. This is the future of the translation industry: clients will no longer need just translation; their expectations will shift toward a more comprehensive service with more added value.

Such a comprehensive service will involve translation with added content adaptation to the specific target market and the delivery of translated content to a dedicated online location, as indicated by the client. Content localisation, or adapting it to a specific audience and its cultural and regulatory realities, will be key.
As a result, content related to the same issues and written in the same language (e.g. French) will sometimes be very different depending on the target audience (France, Belgium, Switzerland
or Canada). On the other hand, the direct placement of content
in the client's digital space requires dedicated software
and expertise. Thanks to our collaboration with House of Glam
and Executive Friends, we can see a paradigm shift in the way
our industry operates: services are becoming increasingly holistic and are more effective if the man-machine collaboration
can be optimised.
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