This sector is a view of the future of the translation industry. Multilingual content in the digital realm is now growing exponentially. New client needs emerge here, such as the growing demand for content management, transcreation and localisation services for multilingual content. This is exactly what we deliver
to our customers in this line of business: multilingual product descriptions and multilingual marketing content to be published
in the virtual space.
The pharma portfolio accounts for the fastest growing share in our corporate business. Our client base is largely made up of large global or European pharmaceutical companies manufacturing highly recognisable drugs. The translation jobs we are tasked
with reflect the industry profile: drug registration documentation, package leaflets, the results of clinical trials, instructions on the use of medical equipment, and the localisation of product formulas
in multiple languages. Cosmetics and related marketing content also rank high in this part of our business.
We work with IT companies in a number of areas, e.g. in application development and maintenance, the creation and integration of IT architecture for corporate clients, databases, Blockchain technologies, digital solutions for websites and social media.
Our clients in this industry like to focus on targeted legal solutions, both regulatory and contractual. Software localisation is our flagship product for the IT industry.
Our relationship with the financial sector is long-standing, dating back to our beginnings. Our clients include international financial players: banks and insurance companies, brokerage houses, audit firms and investment companies. Our classic specialty products
for this industry are translations of financial statements and prospectuses, including sworn translations.
We provide services to many law firms, both Polish
and international. The extensive range of documents we translate includes contracts and legal opinions, including tax opinions,
as well as notarial deeds, pleadings, minutes of meetings
of corporate statutory bodies, etc.
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